Fishing Lure Machine SUSAN-1050NP
5-10PCS,   95.00USD
11-20PCS, 90.00USD
>20PCS,    85.00USD

Description of SUSAN-1050NP CNC fishing device:

SUSAN-1050NP CNC Electric fishing device designed on the basis of 1030NP, it designed by the Shi Jia fishing machine unique CNC system, Using super-industrial processor CPU and the world's unique secondary output technology, the efficiency of  fish-catch and fish-float is more obvious than ordinary fishing machine.
fish shocker
The features of SUSAN-1050NP CNC lure fishing machine:

 1,Small size and light weight:
The whole machine adopts the central processor secondary output design architecture, most of the functions are realized by the processor operation, thus reducing a lot of analog circuits, not only reduces the weight of the volume, but also improve the stability and reliability of the machine, and also enhanced the using effect of the machine
  2,The accuracy of control:
The machine uses four keys to control the frequency and duty cycle, accurate to 1Hz and 1%, and real-time display on the front panel of the machine, each adjustment will be automatically stored in the memory board on the internal control,The next time the machine will automatically call the last set of parameters
  3,The modular design:
CNC, drive, inverter, rectifier, output, cooling and other parts of the hierarchical design, making the machine stable and capable.
  4, Baffle + forced cooling:
In the cooling air inlet also uses baffle design,
Not only improve the cooling effect of the machine, but also to prevent water into the machine inside

Main technical features of  the Newest Fishing Lure Machine SUSAN-1050NP:


Input Voltage

12 VDC Nominal Range ( 9.8-14V/DC)

Input Current


Output Voltage

Pulse 1000V/AC

Output Power

13200 watts maximum (in peak) ( operating 1600-1800 watts)

Pulse Width 1%-12% adjustable

Output Frequency

10-120HZ adjustable

Output Waveform

sine wave


2 kg




12 V DC (any model)

Battery Life

37Ah (2-3 hours of electrofishing),Larger battery-longer fishing.

Overload Protection

Yes (160A)

Low Voltage Protection

Yes (Less than 9.0V/DC protection )

High Voltage Protection

Yes (Exceed 15V/DC protection )

Over-temperature Protection
Short-circuit Protection
Output short circuit protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Input reverse protection
Waterproof Protection
Machine or switch contact water protection

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