Fish Shocking Equipment SUSAN-1030NP
5-10PCS,   85.00USD
11-20PCS, 80.00USD
>20PCS,    75.00USD

1. SUSAN-1030NP fish shocking equipment using advanced digital technology
2. It use professional fishing device designed computer program algorithm
3. the fish shocking equipment adopt unique structure of the secondary output
4. Duty cycle and frequency are adjustable independently of each other
5. With hard short circuit protection, effective protection of the life of the machine
Fish Shocker
Electro FishelectrofisherselectricfishSUSAN-1030NPfishstunner

fish shocking equipment
Main technical features of New SUSAN-1030NP fish shocking equipment:


Input Voltage

12 VDC Nominal Range ( 9.8-14V/DC)

Input Current


Output Voltage

Pulse 1000V/AC

Output Power

8200 watts maximum (in peak) ( operating 1400-1600 watts)

Pulse Width 1%-12% adjustable

Output Frequency

20-120HZ adjustable

Output Waveform

sine wave


1 kg




12 V DC (any model)

Battery Life

27Ah (2-3 hours of electrofishing),Larger battery-longer fishing.

Overload Protection

Yes (120A)

Low Voltage Protection

Yes (Less than 9.2V/DC protection )

High Voltage Protection

Yes (Exceed 15V/DC protection )

Over-temperature Protection
Short-circuit Protection
Output short circuit protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Input reverse protection
Waterproof Protection
Machine or switch contact water protection

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