Fish Shocker LJ-4085NP-24V
2-4PCS,   530.00USD
5-8PCS,   510.00USD
>8PCS,    490.00USD

LJ-4085NP-24V IGBT NC Fish Shocker Features:

● Fish shocker adopt modular design, with ultra-high-power applied to deep water, far from the sea of professional fishing

● It use of advanced digital technology, better performance, more power, more efficient

● The fish shocker with 12V/24V input , exclusively designed computer program algorithm, the unique structure of the secondary output

● Full protection, light weight, easy operation, diversified applications, filling the capable demeanor

fish shocker

Technical parameters of LJ-4085NP-24V Fish Shocker:

Input Voltage

12/24VDC Nominal Range ( 9.0-26V/DC)

Input Current


Output Voltage

Pulse 900V/AC

Output Power

98000 watts maximum (in peak)

12000 watts ( operating)

Pulse Width

1%-40% Adjustable

Output Frequency

20-120HZ Adjustable

Output Waveform

Special pulse wave


8.0 kg




12 V/24V DC (any model)

Battery Life

200Ah (3-4 hours of electrofishing) Larger battery-longer fishing.

Overload Protection

Yes (200A)

Low Voltage Protection

Yes (Less than 9.0V/DC protection )

High Voltage Protection

Yes (Exceed 26V/DC protection )

Short-circuit Protection
Output short circuit protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Input reverse protection
No-load Input Current
< 0.25A
High Temperature Protection

Yes (Exceed 85ºC protection )

Wet Protection


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